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CHAU HOANG LONG TST CO., LTD is one of the leading consulting companies, supply, repair and maintenance:

1. The basic equipment catering to all laboratories

2. Equipment food inspection

3. Medical equipment, education

4. The water treatment equipment

5. Electric equipment, electronics, refrigeration

We have many years of experience in the field of active devices. With a team of engineers are trained by experienced professionals in the production, above all, enthusiasm, enthusiastic and highly responsible job so we are proud to bring satisfaction pleased to advise clients from the stage, care, warranty, maintenance, training and technology transfer.

With the motto: "Wholeheartedly sake customer''

                          "Your satisfaction is our goal"

Chau Hoang Long committed to bringing our customers the most perfect service. Come with us for a best supporting services.

We look forward to serving you and realize that its interests are tied to the interests of customers.

Please thank the cooperation and generous support of our customers and your colleagues near and far and partners in the past and forward to the cooperation with development partner in the near future.