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Aperture opening dimensions: multi-standard type suitable for a variety of products depending on customers' requirements.
Sensitivity detectors: the detector samples the smallest metal
Manufacturer: CASSEL- GERMANY
Warranty period: 2 years
Price: best competitive
After sales service best sellers.
Manufacturer:Smart Weigh
Origin: China
Warranty: 2 years
Selling price and the best after-sales service
Model: WS-5500 Checkweigher
The scope weight: 600-6000gr
Optimum Accuracy: ± 0.2 - 3gr
Price: competitive best
Warranty period: 2 years
Model: DH903-305
Upstanding type, special in cutting leaf vegetable. It is suitable for cutting green onion, cabbage, chives, lettuce, spinach, onion, cheese, lemongrass, celery, chilli, etc into shred or crush.
Price: Please contact us
1 year warranty
After sales service: commitment to the best
Multi-standard frame size detector type suitable for your requirements.
Sensitivity: high and stable for many years of use.
Power supply: 220VAC, 50HZ
Price: low, high quality machine
After sales service: good commitment
Product usage: HD-680C is used to detect shirt, cap, sports wear, baby products, handbags, socks, clothes, non-woven towel, glove, toy, handicraft works, metals button, and so on, which contain magnetic metal impurities.
Manufacturer: Loma Sensitivity: The detector samples the smallest metals are magnetic and non-magnetic From frame size: fit most standard type of product should detect your Price: best competitive. Warranty period: 2 years
Manufacturer: Lock
Made in UK
Frame size detection: a multi-standard type suitable for your product
Sensitivity detectors: the detector zippers, rivets, metal with the smallest diameter
Warranty: 2 years
Price: best
After sales service: Our after-sales technical department will send periodic maintenance free for customers throughout the 2 year 3 month / time
Machine suitable detection Agricultural commodities: Article, rice, coffee ... Full stainless steel design with plastic chain conveyors for high sensitivity and stability
Frame size from: multi-standard type suitable for a variety of products depending on your requirements
Detection sensitivity: the machine detects the smallest metal samples
Manufacturer: NOWSYSTEMS - KOREA
Brand:Smart weigh
Origin: China
Model: SW-D300
Warranty: two years
After-sales best sellers
Model: ZD-630A
Brand name: SBEC, Dongyuan
Product origin: Shanghai-china
Model: ND-225
Detection Aperture Width: 550mm
Detection Aperture Height: 125mm
Sensitivity Ferrous Ball diameter: 0.8mm
Belt Speed: 20 to 40 meters/min
Alarm Method: Stop-or-Reverse on detect – software selectable with adjustable distance / time
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