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Food Equipment Industry, Textile Technology...

• Brand: BESTA
• Origin: Korea
• Price: Contact
• 24 months warranty
• Supply ability: 80 machines/order
• Delivery
• Attentive after-sales
• 24/7 support
Aperture opening dimensions: multi-standard type suitable for a variety of products depending on customers' requirements.
Sensitivity detectors: the detector samples the smallest metal
Manufacturer: CASSEL- GERMANY
Warranty period: 2 years
Price: best competitive
After sales service best sellers.
Manufacturer:Smart Weigh
Origin: China
Warranty: 2 years
Selling price and the best after-sales service
Model: WS-5500 Checkweigher
The scope weight: 600-6000gr
Optimum Accuracy: ± 0.2 - 3gr
Price: competitive best
Warranty period: 2 years
Model: DH903-305
Upstanding type, special in cutting leaf vegetable. It is suitable for cutting green onion, cabbage, chives, lettuce, spinach, onion, cheese, lemongrass, celery, chilli, etc into shred or crush.
Price: Please contact us
1 year warranty
After sales service: commitment to the best
JZQ-630 (K) High Sensitivity & Strong Anti-jamming Automatic Needle Detector
High sensitivity, when the detection height is 12CM, the detection iron ball’s diameter is 0.8mm.
Product Introduction:
JZQ-710 (K) High load & Anti-jamming Automatic Needle Detector with a new design of the overall frame, with a high load capacity, can hold 30KG individual item smoothly. Digital circuits manufactured using the latest technology in Japan, JZQ-710 (K) needle detector best for heavy objects detection
Clothing, baby products, knit goods, underwear, hardware buttons, zippers, socks, non-woven fabrics, embroideries, kimono, beddings, towels, carpets, gloves, toys and handicrafts, etc.
Multi-standard frame size detector type suitable for your requirements.
Sensitivity: high and stable for many years of use.
Power supply: 220VAC, 50HZ
Price: low, high quality machine
After sales service: good commitment
Model: GJ-II, GJ-III, GJ-IV, GJ-VII, GJ-VIII-6032...
Producer: Gaojing
Origin: China
Warranty: 24 months
After-sales after-sales: very attentive
Portable metal detector, DK-10AR may be used in final quality assurance stage by scanning exact spot of broken needles or tiny metal piece after checking by other BESTA conveyor metal detector.
Flashing red alarm and buzz sound will tell you accurate points to be checked.
Product usage: HD-680C is used to detect shirt, cap, sports wear, baby products, handbags, socks, clothes, non-woven towel, glove, toy, handicraft works, metals button, and so on, which contain magnetic metal impurities.
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