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Cassel metal detector


Conveyor frame system made ​​of stainless steel.

White PU Conveyor hygienic durable use in aquatic areas or intralog conveyor with metal detector suitable for this product, spend ...

Waterproof motor (motor Drum)

Conveyor speed fixed or may vary depending on your requirements.

Use the METAL SHARK controller 2 (latest version)

SHARK-2 controller

+ For optimal sensitivity for each type of product that does not have a metal detector can be compared.

+ Sensor technology the most advanced four-channel current for highly sensitive to any effects products.

+ Monitor with 5.4 inch color display, simple controls with stainless steel box mounted on the frame from

+ Interface screen 2D plot, bar graph, scope (oscilloscope) easy to install for some products, study and test products

+ Easy to operate, install and fast installation time.

+ There are four levels of security (password settings) in your computer (for operators, production managers, technicians and Its Service

- The other basic parameters

+ Machine capable of detecting many different kinds of products (120 product characteristics).

+ When metal detecting: Stop the conveyor and alarm buzzer

+ Environmental conditions: -18 ° C ÷ 50 ° C, humidity <85%

+ Power Supply: AC 220 1-phase, 50 Hz


We guarantee after sales service after sales for you best. The three month period we will send technicians to your factory scheduled maintenance company free equipment during the warranty period of two years.


You need to buy or technical advice, please contact us or +84.1683019741 +84.935123385 (Mr. Long) to be the best support. Or contact:

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