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INT69 DMY® Motor protector

Functional description:

• When supply voltage is applied, the output relay pulls in after an initialisation period of approx. 3 seconds, provided all thermistors lie below their rated response temperature.

• 1 to 9 PTC thermistors with varied rated response temperatures can be connected in series to the input terminals.

• If any thermistor resistance increases above trip level, the output relay drops out. After cooling down, a 5 minute time delay is activated, during which the relay remains dropped out. After this period has elapsed the relay pulls in again.

• The phase monitoring function is active 1 second after motor start during a 5 second window. Incorrect phase sequence and phase loss results in lockout trip.

• Lockout and time delay can be cancelled by mains reset of approx. 5 seconds.

• To avoid nuisance tripping due to reverse running after shutdown (pressure equalisation), the phase monitoring function is only reenabled approx. 20 seconds after motor stop.

• The relay is fed out as a N/O dry contact, which is closed under good conditions.

• The INT69 DMY is not suitable for use with frequency converters. 

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